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NJ Woman Suing NY Giants, Stadium Claims She Was Injured By Falling Photo In Gift Shop

Every sports fan knows that loving your team can hurt, but this is a bit literal: a New Jersey woman is suing the New York Giants and their home venue, Metlife Stadium, claiming that she was injured by a large, framed photo of the team that fell on her in a stadium gift shop.

The woman claims in her lawsuit that she was browsing the team store on Sept. 14, 2014 when a Giants picture frame “fell from a shelf and violently struck her,” reports. She says she suffered severe, multiple, and permanent injuries as a result, as well as “ongoing pain, anguish and emotional distress.

She also accuses MetLife and the Giants of either getting rid of the picture frame or failing to preserve it as evidence.

The defendants “were specifically requested to preserve the large New York Giants picture frame that fell on” her, the lawsuit says.

She’s seeking compensatory damages to be determined during a jury trial.

MetLife Stadium officials declined to comment to, saying the stadium does not comment on pending litigation. The Giants also declined to address the claims.

Falling Giants team photo severely injured woman, lawsuit alleges []

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

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