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Hyundai Recalls 63K Sedans Because Sunroof Glass Shouldn’t Fly Off While Driving

Drivers of vehicles with panoramic sunroofs might choose to roll back the glass on a nice day to get a bit of fresh air. But the key here, is that the drivers get to choose when to do this. That’s apparently not the case for more than 62,000 recently recalled Hyundai vehicles, as the glass from the sunroof has been found to fly off the vehicle while the car is in motion. 

Hyundai recalled 62,811 model year 2015 to 2016 Sonata and Sonata Hybrid sedans equipped with panoramic sunroofs.

According to a notice [PDF] posted with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a bonding issue with the sunroof wind deflector — which reduces wind noise in the passenger compartment — can cause the deflector to interfere with the sunroof panel while it’s being closed.

If this occurs, the tempered glass sunroof panel can detach from the sunroof assembly, meaning the sunroof glass can fully detach from the car, flying into the road.

This, of course, would cause a road hazard, increasing the risk of a crash.

Hyundai says it will notify all owners of affected vehicles beginning Dec. 2. Dealers will repair the wind deflector anchor plate, free of charge.

by Ashlee Kieler via Consumerist

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