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American Airlines Flight Catches Fire After Aborting Takeoff In Chicago

An American Airlines flight preparing to takeoff from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport blew a tire and caught fire Friday afternoon following a reported engine malfunction. 

The Chicago Sun Times reports that all 170 passengers and crew members on their way to Miami were able to exit the plane via emergency slide.

A spokesperson for the airline said that no injuries had been reported and that passengers were bussed to the terminal.

The incident occurred at around 2:35 p.m. ET as the plane was preparing to depart. The airline said in a statement that takeoff was aborted because of an engine-related mechanical problem. However, a tire also blew and a fire ignited.

Chicago Fire Department officials responded to the scene, distinguishing the fire by 3 p.m., the Sun Times reports.

Federal Aviation Administration officials issued a ground stop for all planes arriving at O’Hare. Departing planes are experiencing a gate hold, with delays of up to 30 minutes and rising.

The agency says it is investigating the incident.

Passengers waiting at O’Hare began Tweeting photos of the plane and smoke shortly after the incident occurred.

Plane catches fire at O’Hare, but passengers and crew make it off [Chicago Sun-Times]

by Ashlee Kieler via Consumerist

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